Activist Academy Workshop

How to build a good awareness campaign

A workshop facilitated by Nathalie Fallaha and Nadine Kanafani, organized by The Activist Academy around the topic of \'Public space\'. The academy is developed by Butterflyworks, hosted by PAX, a Dutch based NGO and NAHNOO, a Lebanon based youth-lead NGO, hosted at Alt City, within the framework of social design or design for social change.

Participating were a group of people who had been rallying to make the space of Horsh Beirut open to the public again. The workshop featured a presentation showcasing different examples of similar initiatives that have created impact in certain social areas, as well as a step-by-step process to creating a successful social campaign. The participants were then given a set of exercises that they debated and discussed in groups, in an attempt to find solutions to the underlying problem.

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