Design Citizenship Workshop

Beirut Design Week 2015

A workshop faciltiated by Nathalie Fallaha and Nadine Kanafani, hosted at LAU during Beirut Design Week 2015, tackling the topic of design citizenship, discussing the use of design as a tool to give something back to society.

An exploration of the several shoes many designers can wear to affect society around them through socially minded design. Through a set of questions the first half-time, groups of participants will come up with a proposal that positively affects the environment/community/city they belong to. The second part of the workshop will address the step-by-step building of their proposed initiatives.

The beginning of the workshop featured a presentation on socially motivated design initiatives from around the world, followed by a theoretical overview of concepts and processes underlying the development of a social campaign. After that, the participants were divided into groups and had to come up with their own design driven social concepts and present them to the rest of the attendees.


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